Exclusive to Area 51 locations, this is a Virtual Reality Immersive experience that allows the user to Free-Roam over 400 sqft. It also uses real time motion capturing technology which allows the entire body of the user to be inside the game. The games vary from action shooters to puzzle based and even horror games. New Games are added every month.

Try not to Trip!


This is the first of its kind in India and is the first Augmented Reality gaming experience at Area 51. Users have to interact with the game by hunting bats, playing ping pong, or even an adventure course ALL WHILE ROCK CLIMBING.

Lets see who has the best grip, ROCK ON ladies and gentlemen!


Ever wondered how it feels to be driving a sports car or fly a hovercraft in space or even battle a giant dragon using a car right out of a James Bond movie? Well you don’t have to wonder anymore. Just put on the headset and off you go!

Can you handle the G’s?


Not all of us have the courage to jump off a plane or be pulled by a boat across the ocean. We have re-created this extreme sport experience and made it available for everyone now.

The next best and safest experience to the real deal.


T3 League or Three-3 League is an Augmented Reality cricket batting simulator. Ever wanted to face an international cricket bowler? Well you don’t need to dedicate your life to training and joining the Cricket Team, just visit Area 51 and get bowled by Ishant Sharma and smash them for a six!

50 Runs in 3 overs is your target, come show off your skills!


Fear of heights? Well, this is a sure way to either overcome your fears or stay frozen on top of a 100 story building. Battle your fear of heights as you try escaping from enemies on to a helicopter only using a tiny plank.



Who says only kids love slides? Slider is sure to bring out the kid in you.
Forget about using maps and roads when you can slide through the city instead. Sit on this giant slide simulator and take on a very long slide ride through the city.
Did we forget to mention, there are no speed controls and harnesses.

Don’t fall please!


With state of the art console bays for single and multiplayer gaming, supports regular PS4 Pro and PSVR based games. Come rent a bay and enjoy gaming with friends.  What’s better? We bring your food to the Bay!

Cant find a better way to spend time with friends and family.


Over 50 games to select from, this Virtual Reality experience covers all genres of gaming like Shooting, Puzzle, Horror, Sports etc.
You will never run out of games to play.

Don’t let this game play any MINDTRIX on you.