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Have you ever felt like soaring through skies in alien worlds and wondering what wonders you will see? Or flying through the lands of Frost Giants and Paper Kings as you take in their fantastical sights and sounds? Wonder no more, fellow traveller, for with Skyfall, you can do precisely this.
Fly across the Lands of the Frost Giants, an ancient and forgotten race of beings whose homeland you have managed to stumble into.
Or Glide through the peaceful and tranquil Green Meadows, a place which a child’s imagination breathed to life.
Or zip through the Fairy Lands, filled with fantastical flora and fauna, which comes to life at a specific point in the night…
Enjoy all these flights in a fully articulated motion simulator which can accurately simulate turns, twists, quick rises and drops; motions which will make you scream and shout out with joy.