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Our premium offering. 400sft of free roam space where our players can do whatever our worlds allow them to do. With Multiplayer enabled experiences, team up with your friends and family to beat back hordes of killer robots and other worldly monsters. Explore alien worlds, solve environmental puzzles and uncover unseen treasures. Have the Trip of your lives.

Robo Rumble

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Set in a post-apocalyptic society where monsters rule the night, take on the role of an ace monster hunter and go toe-to-toe with the best (or worst) of them in this melee brawler.
Multiplayer: 1-4 players

Rumble in The Bronx

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And you are the last line of defence for the hapless citizenry of New York. Battle it out with these killer robots from Dimension R. Prevent them from overrunning the city and launching invasions in the rest of the world!

The VRlympics (Coming Soon)

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Compete with the best of the best athletes in our virtual arenas and fight for the ultimate prize, the Golden Medallion. You will be tested across a wide variety of sports, starting with Deathball. Protect your goal at all costs while trying to avoid getting hit by the ball of energy coming at you. Score the maximum number of goals and win the game, or just try to beat your opponent by hitting the ball at them and frying their virtual circuits. Prepare for domination! Prepare for glory!